Welcome to The Grenier of Notre-Dame

The Grenier of Notre Dame is the very first vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant in Paris. It has had the same chef, Abib, since it opened in 1978, whilst Laurent presides over the restaurant with as much efficiency as gentilesse. Here, guests talk in low voices, chewing happily with fervour, and smiling at every new face. The bar, and the front window of the establishment, are weighed under by all the plants and exotic specimens with hidden vertues, that dangle down from the mezzanine above. Everyone squeezes in around the minute tables, on which each possesses it's own little tray containing four special ingredients: brewer's yeast, soya sauce, gomasio (sea salt and grilled sesame seeds), and raw cane sugar.

Our products

The restaurant,works with the same local growers (for the pumpkins, root veg, endives, cabbages etc) since the opening in 1978. These are mainly family run businesses based in Northern France, near Lille, or in Normandy. 40% of the ingredients used are organic (Cola, Wine, Beer, Vegetables, and cereals,), except for the tropical fruit or vegetables, and come from equitable commerce.

History and "savoir-faire"

The restaurant and the savoir -faire of the owners, has been handed down through the different generations, from father to son, since it opened up in 1978. In 1988, Laurent Boiseau, the son, took over, from his father, before then handing over to his son, Antoine in 2008. The chef, Abib, is the same, to this day, since, 1978, and he now works in the new restaurant.