Le Grenier de Notre-Dame – Le Parisien – 04/01/2003 – Agnès Dalbard

Very first vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant in Paris. It has had the same chef, Abib, since it opened in 1978, whilst Laurent presides over the restaurant with as much efficiency as gentilesse. Here, guests talk in low voices, chewing happily with fervour, and smiling at every new face. The bar, and the front window of the establishment, are weighed under by all the plants and exotic specimens with hidden vertues, that dangle down from the mezzanine above. Everyone squeezes in around the minute tables, on which each possesses it's own little tray containing four special ingredients: brewer's yeast, soya sauce, gomasio (sea salt and grilled sesame seeds), and raw cane sugar. Two choices of menu, of a good servings, are on offer, for 12.50€ to include a starter, main course and pudding, and recommended by a nutritionist. The first "Zen"is based on a macrobiotic diet, cereal based such as epeautre, or bulghur wheat, followed by a vegetable tahini, and fresh vegetables i season, very lightly salted, meaning that each of the ingredients retains it's full nutritional values, followed by a pudding of a blancmange made with agar agar (seaweed), or a fresh fruit compote. The menu "Discovery" is vegetarian based, and you have the choice between a fruit cocktail or fresh vegetable juice, made in front of you, or vegetable fritters, followed by a large dish of ratatouille, in season, and it's wheat gluten brochette, known as Seitan. You may alos choose a duo of fusilli pasta and tofu. If you prefer something lighter, the home made soup at 5.60€ is well worth the detour, and simply to die for.

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame – Bio lifestyle in Paris (Paris is ours) - Catherine Mercadier

The trend is given right from the starter onwards- no room for non veggy eaters! Green is Queen here! Table cloths are decorated with vegetables, ivy dangles down from all the windows that look out on to the street between Notre Dame and Saint Julien. The menu at 12.50€, includes a starter (vegetable mousse, fresh seaweed tofu), a main course, such as polenta and lentil moussaka, and a pudding. A real genuine country atmosphere is guaranteed.

Le Grenier Notre-Dame – 1989 – Michèle Blacque

Meat freaks, that rave about rare and raw steak, beef bourgignon, andouilette or a coq au vin, tend to think of vegans and macrobiotic eaters, as people from outer space! Well, this charming little restaurant, situated in the Latin quarter, proves that a meal without meat, is neither gloomy, off beat or cosmic! If on the one hand, Laurent and his chef Abib are fervent supporters of a healthy balanced diet, they do not only cater for such eaters. Their menu does not exclude fresh seafood, organic French wines, produced by local vineyards, and champagne. The organic cereals and dried pulses, come straight from Puy. We can rave over a fresh vegetable tart, topped and gratineed with cheese, a leek crepe, a tofu quiche, fresh sautéed prawns and garlic, accompanied by small fresh vegetables, home-made taboulé, couscous served with seitan brochettes, grilled sole, accompanied by small fresh new potatoes, and sautéed tomatoes or a vegetable cassoulet. On the cheeseboard, and dessert trolley are fresh rigote, a goats cheese from Provence, and a Camembert, made from raw milk, served warm, and Home made chocolate mousse, or chocolate cake.

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame – Marie-Dominique Anzeau

Situated at 18, Rue de la Bucherie, Paris 5me, the Grenier of Notre Dame, is open for lunch and dinner,7 days a week. The cosy, friendly atmosphere, and varied menu, should suit every kind of culinary taste. The vegetables are all mostly all organic, and the oils used are from the first pressing. One can choose an aperatif to start off with, Kir Maison (19F) , Kir Royal, or a sparkling wine. The house wines, from the Nature and Progress range, served by the Grenier are the perfect accompaniment to the meal.(Cote du Rhone, 87frs) or a Bordeaux (98frs).
For a healthier choice, fresh fruit or vegetable cocktails, such as Carrot-Celery-Watercress and Parsley, or Carrot-Celery-Beetroot and Parsley,are available as a well balanced and very smooth alternative, with your meal. Or a fruitier version such as Banana and Kiwi or Pineapple, Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon, or more surprisingly, Grapefruit and Mint, which is very subtle tasting and delicious.
For a starter, reckon on 35 frs (!) such as Grilled Onion Tart, fresh seaweed tofu, vegetable fritters, or the seasonal vegetable tart, (onions, carrots, tofu fritters, and parsly, topped with cheese, and lightly grilled.
This light filling takes away the dreariness and dryness of the pastry. The salad of fresh raw vegetables that accompany the tart, are very welcome; however, do not bother trying the mushrooms paste, although served with a side salad of bean sprouts and vegetables, it is disappointing and lacks flavour and texture. Soup lovers will enjoy the veg, lentil and seaweed consomme, the choice of different salads, such as green, auvergnat, mushroom, caroline, and home made taboulé, leaving you no end of choice... There are always several fish dishes on the menu, or à la carte, as a main course, well presented, and served with a vegetarian couscous, or seitan brochette (wheat gluten), polenta, gratinéed Macaroni pasta, and of course traidtional whole grain cereals. On the one hand, the sautéed vegetables and tofu are served on a bed of crispy green salad, the tofu, light and of good quality, remains slightly insipid. On the other hand the vegetable cassoulet, accompanied by it's tofu and small pieces of seitan, is delicious. The haricot beans also are tender, tasty, and well soaked in tomato sauce, and excellent.

For those with a sweet tooth, the fromage blanc, flavoured with coconut and raisins, fresh sorbets, or again the praline or vanilla blancmange, delicately flavoured, and not over sweetened, remains a good choice for a dessert.Tea, herbal teas, cereal or organic coffee, and last but not least, the bill please! Just a mention here, that you can also choose just a main course, dessert, and coffee for 50 frs(!).

Le Grenier de Notre-Dame

One does not have to believe that only gourmets, and wine drinkers, who enjoy the good life, enjoy dining out. At the Grenier of Notre Dame, where they cater for real vegetarians, and macrobiotic eaters, one also meets many artists and famous people from showbusiness, all bearing a smily happy face, and slim figures, rather than pale, wishy washed out complexions! In fact, you need to have a slim figure, to be able to mount the small winding staircase leading to the dining room on the first floor!
The meals served in this restaurant, are made from the finest organic ingredients, all grown without chemicals and pesticides. You may order from over a choice of 40 dishes, from a simple onion tart, to a delicious escalope of seitan, garnished with sautéed potatoes, and salad, and a fromage blanc, sweetened with coconut and raisins. You certainly will not be disappointed by the 100% organic wines, or coffee, or if you smoke. Like everywhere else the fight is against fanatics and at the Grenier of Notre Dame, rigeur is not of the essence. Replete and satisfied, you will leave this unusual restaurant with a feeling of satisfaction, and empathy, and a real advantage for your budget; a bill of only 60 - 80 Frs(!), including the service charge.